Bomb Pro Portable Electric Dab Rig-Black
Bomb Pro Portable Electric Dab Rig-Black
Bomb Pro Portable Electric Dab Rig-Black
Bomb Pro Portable Electric Dab Rig-Black

Bomb Pro Portable Electric Dab Rig-Black

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It will take 5-7 days to ship out the Black color version. If you want to receive the Bomb as soon as possible, please choose the White or Teal version.
Bomb E-rig is designed for dab enthusiasts. The LED display shows the precise temperature from 200–700℉ in real time. Colorful pulsing and glowing lights respond to your every dab. And with with one button control, dabbing’s never been easier.

What's Included?

• Bomb Pro E-Rig × 1

• Bomb Pro Atomizer

• Dab Tool

• Cotton Swabs

• Filling Tool


Wait until Atomizer cools down sufficiently, soak the glass and atomizer into ISO alcohol, you can also use a variety of other glass cleaner solutions.

Choose the PayPal payment, and manually transfer the amount according to your order amount total through PayPal account:
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For most people who use it frequently every day, we recommend that you clean the atomizer after each use,to prevent residual concentrate from affecting the heating effect and flavor.

The ideal temperature for dabbing can vary depending on personal preference, the consistency of the concentrate.

However, a common recommendation is to dab at temperatures between 450°F and 550°F.

Lower temperatures (300°F - 370°F) resulting in a smoother flavor and potentially more uplifting effects.

Higher temperatures (370°F - 450°F) may produce thicker vapor clouds and smoother flavor.

The highest temperature (450°F-700°F) can provide the thickest milk clouds and the most shocking visuals, but can also lead to faster consumption of the concentrate and potentially a harsher taste.

Ultimately, finding the perfect temperature for dabbing is a matter of personal preference, so it's a good idea to experiment within this range to determine what works best for you.

No, Bomb eRigs are specifically designed for cannabis concentrates, not dry herbs. They work on much higher temps than dry herb vaporizers

Quartz atomizers and ceramic atomizers are two common types of heating elements used in eRigs. Quartz atomizers heat up quickly and provide clean flavor but may not retain heat as well as ceramic. Ceramic atomizers offer better heat retention, allowing for longer, slower draws, but they may take longer to heat up.

E-rigs do produce some odor, but the smell is typically less pungent compared to traditional smoking methods. The aroma will depend on the concentrate used and the temperature at which it’s vaporized. Using eRigs indoors may still produce a noticeable odor, so consider proper ventilation or air filtration if discretion is a concern.

Within 90 days from the date of sale of the product, if you have used Bomb and encounter any problems, we can reissue accessories for free until your issue is solved.

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*Contact Bomb Customer Support at After we receive your email, and have confirmed that your product is eligible for return, we will provide you with the appropriate return address for the item. The customer must pay the shipping for the return package. Include the product and all required items listed above in the section “Conditions for Return.” The receipt of purchase must indicate the product to be returned, price paid, and date of purchase. *Ship the package at your local UPS or FedEx drop-off location.

You may return an unused product purchased at within the above return period, subject to your compliance with the following conditions:

*You include all original packaging in like new condition, *You include all accessories and documentation in undamaged, unused new condition, *You include the product in undamaged,
unused like new condition, and *You include a receipt documenting your purchase of the product at the above return period.

All UNUSED and UNOPENED products purchased through may be returned for a full refund within fourteen (14) days following the date of purchase.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Brandon Grauf
Great value erig!

Love this erig! Didn't want to spend $400+ on a puffco. This does the trick, love the temperature control and the big clouds I get from this!

Marvin Shaw
Packs major punch!!!

I saw on papa Shane YouTube page, Great product!!!